How Waist bands Help You Lose Weight

What is a waist band?

The Queens Fitness waist band is used to tone and define your midsection using compression and thermal effect. This helps you burn fat cells while you exercise. 

What is thermal effect? 

Thermal effect is a specialized material that helps your body reduce water weight and make you sweat more when you exercise or during activities. While we encourage our users to wear our garments 6 to 8 hours a day, our waist band can be worn during exercise or for 2-4 hours daily. Also, we don’t promote tightening beyond discomfort. We put a heavy emphasis on our materials being breathable, flexible and providing comfort and support. That's why our waist band is completely adjustable and removable for our users to adjust to their level of comfort.

We designed our waist bands to get you the best results, while also looking great.

Using SWEATtech for better results

Our bands compression design which features three layers of thick breathable materials help sculpt your waistline with curved metal rods. But it’s not as simple as just squeezing your body to look smaller over time.

Our SWEATtech fabric creates excess warmth around your waist to produce more sweat. This design gets rids of much more water weight than it usually would. It’s this powerful combination that makes our products so effective and gives you real results.

Holistic Approach to Your Health Goals.

A balanced physical lifestyle with good food, plenty of water, and a waist band is the key to healthy, consistent weight loss. We’re all about promoting a new way of living. We hope once you start using our waist band it becomes your your workout buddy. For many of our Queens, it's become an essential item — like wallet, and cellphone. Above all, we want you to approach health and fitness as a lifestyle. Not a trend.

Benefits of working out with our waist band.

  • Back support. 
The Queens Fitness waist band also supports your lower back, which is especially helpful if you’ve had back pain in the past. The waistband can help protect you from straining while you’re exercising.
  • Better posture.

Wearing our waist band improves your posture. When your shoulders are back and your chest is lifted, you look taller and slimmer because you’re standing straight. That type of posture is what you want to maintain when walking on the treadmill or doing standing exercises such as shoulder presses and biceps curls.

  • Increase in the number of calories expended.

The Queens Fitness waistband made from natural latex, spandex and sweat technology does more than compress. It stimulates thermal activity in your midsection. That means you sweat more and burn more calories during a workout.

  • More confidence.

Wearing any of our waist trainer or waist band immediately makes you look slimmer and fitter, and that boosts your confidence at your gym. That confidence may encourage you to try a new workout class or to challenge yourself in new ways. 

Start Getting the Results You Want

Ready to get your fitness journey started? A great workout band to begin with is our Scarlet Define band suitable for beginners. Made from a unique material that heats your body up to increase the amount of water weight you lose. It’s is breathable, adjustable, soft on the skin, and comfortable. you will be losing inches without realizing it.